Picky Eating 101



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Are you struggling with a picky eater at home? Join our class, “Picky Eating 101,” designed specifically for moms of babies facing picky eating challenges. Led by an experienced Occupational Therapist, this session offers practical strategies and expert tips to help your little one explore new foods and develop healthy eating habits.

What You’ll Learn:
– Understanding Picky Eating: Dive into the reasons behind picky eating and learn how to address and manage it effectively.
– Nutritional Basics: Get informed about the essential nutrients required for your baby’s growth and how to incorporate them into their diet.
-Effective Strategies for Introducing New Foods: Discover practical tips and techniques to encourage your baby to try and enjoy a variety of foods, making mealtime less stressful.
– Behavioral Approaches for Food Aversions: Understand the behavioral aspects of eating and learn positive strategies to manage and overcome food aversions.
– Family Mealtime & Creating a Positive Eating Environment: Learn how to create a positive, stress-free family mealtime environment that promotes healthy eating habits for your baby and the entire family.
Q&A Session:

Bring your questions and get personalized advice from our expert Occupational Therapist to help you tackle your baby’s picky eating challenges.
Join us for this comprehensive and supportive class to transform mealtime into a joyful and nourishing experience for your baby.

About the instructor:
Liz Koren OTR/L, is a pediatric feeding therapist and the owner of Pure Pediatric Therapy. Liz has focused her career on empowering children and their families to navigate mealtimes with confidence and joy. Her love for teaching extends to guiding parents through the nuances of feeding, development and nurturing their little ones. Liz’s commitment to pediatric therapy is rooted in creating positive, transformative experiences for children and families alike, ensuring each child thrives in their developmental journey.