Benefits of Mommy & Me Classes

The Journey

I founded this heartfelt initiative in May 2021, driven by a profound sense of empathy for the isolation and loneliness that many mothers, including myself, were experiencing.

Three years ago, after the birth of my son, I found myself in the midst of a challenging postpartum period. It was a time when making connections with other moms and seeking support seemed like an uphill battle. My little one had an adventurous spirit, and the reality of motherhood was far different from what I had envisioned. Overwhelmed and saddened by the unexpected difficulties, I felt a deep longing for understanding and friendship with other moms.

I stumbled upon a local mommy and me class. There, I discovered a beautiful sense of community, connecting with other moms who were navigating similar joys and struggles with their babies. We found solace in sharing our experiences and emotions, building bonds that truly made a difference. Then, the pandemic struck, and the world seemed to amplify the isolation experienced by all mothers. Witnessing this profound impact on their lives, I realized that I had a calling to help others who had undergone similar struggles.


I embarked on a personal journey of healing, seeking therapy and immersing myself in countless books that explored the intricacies of motherhood. It was during this transformative process that a realization dawned upon me—I could channel my experiences and newfound knowledge into making a meaningful difference in the lives of fellow moms.

I began organizing local play dates and moms’ night outs, creating safe spaces where mothers could come together, share their feelings, and find the support they desperately needed. As word spread, these gatherings gained popularity, reinforcing my belief in the power of nurturing connections among moms. It was this unwavering passion and the desire to create a lasting impact on our community that led me to establish The Mommy Center.

At The Mommy Center, our mission is to provide mothers with a second family—a warm and nurturing environment where they can freely express their thoughts and emotions, knowing they will be understood and supported. We recognize the importance of empowering mothers to grow and thrive, not only in their role as caregivers but also as individuals. By fostering their personal development, we contribute to the well-being of their children, nurturing their growth and happiness.

Moreover, we understand the significance of lasting friendships formed during this transformative period. The Mommy Center offers you the opportunity to connect with like-minded mothers who share your joys, struggles, and triumphs. Together, we create a network of lifelong friendships that will enrich your journey through motherhood and beyond.

At The Mommy Center, we wholeheartedly believe that no mom should walk this path alone. Join us as we embark on this beautiful journey together, embracing the joys, navigating the challenges, and cherishing the moments that define us as mothers.

– Cristina Gamarnik, Founder