Hear from Our Community

We take great pride in the experiences and stories shared by our wonderful community of mothers. Here you will find heartfelt testimonials from moms who have found support, guidance, and inspiration through their journey with us.

These testimonials are a testament to the power of our community, the impact of our resources, and the connections formed within The Mommy Center. We are honored to have played a part in their motherhood journey, and we are excited to share their voices with you.

Join us as we celebrate the strength, resilience, and love that radiates within our community. Read through these heartfelt testimonials and be inspired by the power of motherhood.

Joining a mom group was the best thing I did for myself as a new mom and I cannot recommend The Mommy Center enough! We just finished up the 3-6 month class and the experience was pivotal in my motherhood journey. Carmen facilitated our group and did such a beautiful job of creating a supportive, safe, and warm space. I’m so grateful for this experience and the friendships we made as a result!

Alissa J

Do not go through your first few months of motherhood without The Mommy Center!! I took the 0-3 Mommy & Mini-Me 10 week series and cannot rave about it enough. The content of the classes is critically helpful. Experts come to each class to provide you information and help guide you through the first three months of newborn life and motherhood, from breastfeeding, pumping, formula feeding to safety, sleeping, pelvic recovery, etc. You’ll learn a lot but not feel pressure into any one type of choice. No shaming here!

Kailey C

It takes a village and this is where I found mine!! I can’t say enough good things about the Mommy and Mini Me 0-3mo class!! I learned SO much, but most of all, I found a community of moms to go through motherhood with. The Mommy Center gave us all a safe space to talk about anything and everything, judgment free (which, let’s be honest, that’s hard to find in OC!!). The moms in my group have all different parenting styles that are all respected, I never once felt pressured into parenting any certain way. I will forever be grateful to Cristina and The Mommy Center for giving me the resources and tools to help me decide what’s best for me and my baby and for helping me find my tribe. I don’t think there’s a day that goes by that we don’t all check in with each other on our group text, if not grabbing lunch, going on a walk, or just getting the babies together!

Worried about the cost?? I was too, but knowing what I know now I would have paid double that!! The expert speakers and knowledge you’ll gain is amazing, and the community you’ll meet during this time in your life is priceless! (Also follow the IG page for discount offers!).

Melinda L

Mommy and Me Center was the best decision I’ve made, being a new mom. I got to meet mommies that were going through the same scenarios, and we became a support group! It was a safe zone where you could breast feed and not feel awkward or judged. Having a baby is life changing, and a new world to navigate. Having a tribe like the mommy me group is uplifting, and fun! Michelle is the most wonderful teacher, and really made the class! All of us mommies continued after class for coffee or lunch, it became our mommy social time. We will continue weekly meet ups, because you truly join this class to meet your mommy tribe– can’t wait for future play dates. Cristina organized wonderful mommy outings, for us to relax, laugh, and enjoy ourselves. Many amazing topics each week, some you don’t even think of. If we weren’t out of state for the next month, I’d be in the next age group class! Sign up for mommy and me now!

Nicole R

There are not many Daddy & Me classes so it was great finding one. This was an enjoyable experience for my baby and I. Well organized, informative and some fun. Would recommend.

Joe K

But most importantly, you’ll meet a handful of women their babies to go through this time together. I truly think I found new friends for life in this class. I’m so grateful this option exist in South County.

Considering whether a Mommy & Me class is worthwhile?! The Mommy Center classes are absolutely amazing! Not only are you grouped with other moms who have kids close in age to your little one, but there are so many incredible speakers, opportunities to learn, share ideas, create a sisterhood, get out of the house… you name it! Cristina and Carmen are incredible women and supporters who aim to bring you all the info and support to help you in your postpartum journey!!

Christy P

I was a new mom who had just moved to the South OC area. I wanted to find a new community of moms with similar age babies and nearby social support. I found this organization through Yelp and was so glad I attended the mommy and me classes. I was connected to lactation support, physical therapy, occupational therapy, postpartum therapists, you name it.

Kristina G

I took the 0-3 month class and the 3-6 month class. The information from the classes was great, I think I would have missed important steps in my baby’s growth along the way without the classes. Even more than the learning, what I valued the most was having time each week with other women going through the same things I was and having the opportunity to feel understood. I gained a lot of knowledge from the class and the other moms as well as new mom friends. I highly recommend the classes to all new mommies!

Crystal S

If you are looking to be connected with a group of other moms, this is the place to be! The owner, Cristina, is warm and inviting and you can connect with her and her network even after classes are over. I am so grateful I decided to join!

The Mommy Center has been the greatest blessing for my postpartum journey. The newborn mommy and me class was such an incredible experience with great classes and a wonderful facilitator, Carmen. I’ve made such incredible connections and learned so much! The free events Cristina plans every month are so fun too! A great way to connect with other moms and give your littles opportunities to socialize.

Hannah B.