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Benefits of Mommy & Me Classes

We are here for you!

Our classes will change YOUR life – your relationship with your baby, your partner, your family and most importantly YOU. It is our passion to teach moms how to take care of yourself while still being an amazing mother and being there for your partner and loved ones. We work on releasing all those standards, expectations and fears because you know what – we all struggle with something; we all judge ourselves – so we can learn to be compassionate to ourselves, our baby and others. We offer a nurturing environment where you can feel safe to share your feelings and experiences and discuss parenting choices that work for YOU. We are all moms and we get it ALL – if you’re late – it’s fine; if you’re in your jammies – it’s fine; if you didn’t have time to brush your hair or put on make-up – who cares? We are here and we support YOU.



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