Birthing 101 – Childbirth Class

$40 per person or $70 per couple


Embrace labor with confidence! Join Cami, our expert labor and delivery nurse, for a comprehensive class. Get ready for your big day with valuable insights on timing contractions, managing pain, and postpartum recovery. Meet fellow moms-to-be and ask all your questions. Be well-prepared for this beautiful journey together!

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Birthing 101 Childbirth Class for Orange County Moms

Get ready for labor with our expert labor and delivery nurse Cami. Our class will give you all the information you need so you can feel confident and prepared for YOUR big day. This is your opportunity to ask a labor and delivery nurse (and fellow mama of two) any questions you may have. Meet other pregnant moms who are going through the same. Topics Include: What is a midwife/doula? What to pack in your hospital bag – get a cheat sheet for easy packing Passive versus active labor How to time contractions What to do when in labor What to expect once you arrive at the hospital Managing pain Postpartum and physical recovery.

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