Mommy & Mini-Me (0-2 months)

$515 per mom


Welcome to motherhood! Connect with other new moms whose babies share your birth month. Our inclusive classes for 0-2 months offer expert tips and a judgment-free space to share joys and challenges. Find your mommy tribe and embrace the journey together. Let’s create lasting bonds and navigate motherhood with support and love. Join us today!



Join a group of new moms who are tired, confused, excited, terrified, exhausted and just soooooo overwhelmed with this new thing called MOTHERHOOD. Learn all about the stages on your infant from experts in the field. Each class series is organized by your baby’s birth month. You will be experiencing the same stage of motherhood with your fellow mamas and babies. This is your safe place to connect with other moms and find your mommy tribe to get you through this incredible and challenging time.

During each class, you will have the opportunity to share your experience, joys and frustrations without any judgement. This is an inclusive class regardless of your parenting choices. We support ALL moms – whether you choose to co-sleep or sleep-train, bottle-feed or breast-feed, stay home or go to work, have a nanny or put your baby in daycare, etc.

For moms of babies 0-2 months of age

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Series Start Date

January 2024, April 2024, May 2024