Beach Packing Essentials

by | May 20, 2021 | Blog

Baby’s Beach Trip – Packing Essentials

baby beach trip packing essentials

The sun is out so it’s finally time for some beach fun! Going to the beach with a toddler is a wonderful experience but packing for it is no fun. I am making it easy for you and sharing the essentials you need at the beach. Here is my easy packing guide:

  1. Big Beach bag – You may need two if you like to overpack like me. Get a large bag with lots of pockets so you can store little items.
  2. Swim diaper (disposable or reusable) – You can get a disposable swim diaper so you don’t have to bring home a wet reusable diaper. If you don’t plan on going into the water, your little one can just wear a regular diaper under their bathing suit or swimming trunks.
  3. Swimming trunks/swimsuit and a rash guard – Make sure you bring a long sleeve rash guard with UPF + 50. The sun is harsh and a long sleeve rash guard can help avoid a sunburn.
  4. Watershoes – if you plan on exploring by the water, water shoes are a good idea.
  5. Beach towel – Make sure to bring a couple of towels. I like to bring a big one to lay on for everyone and one to clean yourselves up with at the end.
  6. Hat (and sunnies) This one is sooooooo important. Do not forget a hat! If you have a little stinker who doesn’t like to keep hats on, get one that ties under the chin. I linked here the one I got and James does not pull it down. 
  7. Sunscreen – As we all know, sunscreen is super duper important. Finding a good sunscreen is equally as important. Many sunscreens have chemicals in them that are dangerous for the little ones. Do some research and find a sunscreen that is free of chemicals and safe for baby’s skin. I use the website and the app “think dirty” to check the ingredients of my sunscreen. We use the Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection Lotion Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin SPF 50 and the Baby Bum Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick.
  8. Fitted Bed Sheet – I saw this tip online a while ago. Take a fittet sheet and place coolers or bags in the corners to contain your little one on the sheet. Easy DIY play-pen for the beach.
  9. Beach tent or umbrella – I love our beach tent. It’s so nice having the shade and the ability to lay inside. Especially with a toddler, a beach tent or umbrella is a must to keep them out of the sun.
  10. Baby pool – If the water is too cold or your little one does not like getting in the water, a little blow up baby pool is a great option. Your babe can splash in there and play with water toys.
  11. Spray bottle – You can bring a spray bottle to keep you little one cool if it’s really hot.
  12. Sand toys – Get a cheap set of sand toys or any other fun toys at the dollar tree. They will get sandy and wet so don’t waste a lot of money on it.
  13. Cooler with Water and snacks – Make sure to pack lots of water, fruit, and snacks for you and your little one. The sun wears you out and remember to stay hydrated! Our favorites are blueberries, cut up grapes, cutie oranges, pea snacks, granola bars and bananas.
  14. Baby powder- I saw this tip on Instagram and loved it. Use baby poweder to get sand off your body. How nifty?!
  15. Change of clothes – Don’t make the mistake I made and forget a change of clothes.
  16. Cash – You may need cash for parking so don’t forget some bills or coins.

And of course don’t forget the diaper bag!